External wall insulation system

See how applying External Wall Insulation to your home improves thermal efficiency and applies a fresh look to you home.

What is External Wall Insulation?

  • External Wall Insulation involves fixing insulation to the outer surfaces of walls to that the house is effectively ‘wrapped’ in insulation
  • The insulation is then covered with a render, giving your home a fresh new look
  • Our Soltherm solutions give you over 300 colours to choose from and suit all types of buildings
  • Installing External Wall Insulation is the single biggest contributor to improve your BER rating

How it’s fitted

Graphic illustration showing step one,  Adhesive

1. Adhesive

Soltherm early grip adhesive is applied to the insulation material using a ribbon and dab method to ensure stability.

Graphic illustration showing step two,  Insulation material

2. Insulation material

The insulation material is then applied to the exterior of the property in a staggered pattern to ensure maximum strength.

Graphic illustration showing step three, corner beads

3. Corner bead

Reinforced beading is applied to all corner areas. Two individual fixings are then used to secure the insulation to the wall.

Graphic illustration showing step four, apply base coat

4. Basecoat

A even layer of premium Soltherm basecoat is applied to the entire insulated area ensuring extra impact resistance.

Graphic illustration showing step five, apply glass fibre

5. Glass fibre

A specially designed reinforced Soltherm glass fibre material is embedded into the basecoat to further strengthen the structure.

Graphic illustration showing step six, apply base coat

6. Basecoat

A secondary layer of basecoat is then applied to the glass fibre mesh.

Graphic illustration showing step seven, apply primer

7. Primer

The Soltherm primer is then applied to the basecoat to ensure correct adhesion of the finish coat.

Graphic illustration showing step eight, apply finishing coat

8. Finishing Coat

The selected pre-coloured render is then applied to the entire area.

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